Vyatta-Config-Validator 0.1-9

Just rolled out Vyatta-Config-Validator version 0.1-9.
It must work on latest VyOS and UBNT EdgeOS systems.
Enjoy! 🙂


  1. Hi will you support the VyOs branch ?


    Best regards Kenneth

    • cartman

      2015-09-27 at 19:26

      Hi Kenneth!

      Last time I’ve checked it against VyOS it was working well. 😉
      Do you have any issues with validator?

  2. Hector Suarez Planas

    2015-01-14 at 14:37

    Greetings, Cartman.

    I see you very, very activated. I will wait for your GPG key.

    Can you tell me about vyBuddy? Do you have the packages of vyBuddy in your repository?


    • cartman

      2015-01-15 at 00:47

      Hola Hector!

      Yes, I’m activated.

      Will put my hands on GPG key before this week ends.

      vyBuddy is hard to package due to the Rails framework
      heaviness and complexity, it’s still and downloadable
      appliance for which I can do any required updates.
      Even though I’m activated the rework process will not be easy…

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