Anti-Vodafone crontab

My Vodafone connection sucks very much and hijos de una perra do not want to do anything about that. Really pissed off cause of this, but have no other ISP around. 🙁
Luckily I run VyOS based router and have all the power of Linux command line! This crontab saves my ass when connection suddenly dies and I need to auto-reconnect:

CHECK_COMMAND="/bin/ping -qc3"
RENEW_COMMAND="/opt/vyatta/bin/vyatta-op-cmd-wrapper renew dhcp interface eth0"

*/5 * * * * vyos ${CHECK_COMMAND} &>/dev/null || ${RENEW_COMMAND} &>/dev/null

Estic anant cap 80 kilograms!

Durant molt de temps no escrivia res, perquè no tenia temps i clar perquè soc un gran bastard mandrós. Ara cal recordar-me que soc un boig grafòmana també! 🙂
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Released: CloudPort v0.1.7

Released CloudPort v0.1.7

Mainly updates, all system/security ones and:

  • Switched to Golang 1.7.X
  • Ruby updated to 2.2.6
  • Rails updated to
  • Switched to Bundler 1.13.X

Finally set up Sensu to monitor my instances. No estaré totalmente cagado en futuro 😉

Released: CloudPort v0.1.6

Released CloudPort v0.1.6

Fixed ultra-nasty bug with binary client downloads not working from time to time.

Packer: Wait, don’t kill VM!

OMG! Just discovered there is no “legal” way to force Packer to spare VM’s life, if something went wrong. But what if I want my VMs running after the failure, unless I allow them to die? I mean I love investigating things quickly and in-place, without running the whole suite again and without complex debug strategies…


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Adeu, porc gros!

Finalment! Adeu, porc gros! Vés a la merda, monstre! 🙂
new Ivan

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Vueling malparit


Cal rebre això amb humor, no literalment!

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Released: CloudPort v0.1.5

Released CloudPort v0.1.5 with a series of small bug fixes and UI enhancements.
NB! Ansible users may need to set pipelining = True if they spot weird errors 😉

redir to trick packer virtualbox-ovf

Recently I started using Packer to build my production VM images. I use virtualbox-ovf builder to “incrementally” rebuild new production VMs from older ones and you know, I’m happy with it, because I drop image creation time to 20min, from 45min I had with virtualbox-iso (and OMG from 2h I had with veewee during my dark past!).

There is only one issue with Packer’s VirtualBox OVF/OVA builder:
No matter what do you specify as ssh_host, it will use localhost!🙁
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