Released: CloudPort v0.1.6

Released CloudPort v0.1.6

Fixed ultra-nasty bug with binary client downloads not working from time to time.

Packer: Wait, don’t kill VM!

OMG! Just discovered there is no “legal” way to force Packer to spare VM’s life, if something went wrong. But what if I want my VMs running after the failure, unless I allow them to die? I mean I love investigating things quickly and in-place, without running the whole suite again and without complex debug strategies…


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Adeu, porc gros!

Finalment! Adeu, porc gros! Vés a la merda, monstre! 🙂
new Ivan

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Vueling malparit


Cal rebre això amb humor, no literalment!

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Released: CloudPort v0.1.5

Released CloudPort v0.1.5 with a series of small bug fixes and UI enhancements.
NB! Ansible users may need to set pipelining = True if they spot weird errors 😉

redir to trick packer virtualbox-ovf

Recently I started using Packer to build my production VM images. I use virtualbox-ovf builder to “incrementally” rebuild new production VMs from older ones and you know, I’m happy with it, because I drop image creation time to 20min, from 45min I had with virtualbox-iso (and OMG from 2h I had with veewee during my dark past!).

There is only one issue with Packer’s VirtualBox OVF/OVA builder:
No matter what do you specify as ssh_host, it will use localhost!🙁
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Hey porc!

Porc dins, tinc males notícies per a tu, és hora per ofegar-se en la seva pròpia sang!


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BCN: els punts positius i negatius


Noies-guapes y cavallers-bandits,

Ja he viscut deu mesos a Barcelona, i jo sento que he de compartir les meves observacions sobre la vida a la cuitat. En català clar, no hi ha altra manera! 🙂

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Released: CloudPort v0.1.4

Released CloudPort v0.1.4 with:

  • Brand new “About” section. Hot as hell! 😉
  • Updated More clarity FTW.

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